Thursday, February 22, 2018

Zoey Lily - More

20-year-old East London-based singer/songwriter Zoey Lily returns today with her third-ever offering called "More", the follow-up to her previous two single singles "Nothing" and "Edges". Showcasing Zoey's softly accented vocals, pensive songwriting and a keen ear for minimalist alternative-pop melodies, "More" is the latest step forward in this emerging artist's promising presence in London's buzzing music scene.

Speaking on the track, Zoey says:

"I wrote this song about a guy I met a while ago who left the impression of being the super cool kid everyone admired and wanted to be like. When I got to know him closer I realised that he was struggling a lot to keep up with the image he created himself and actually felt very worthless and empty. In his own way he kept letting me down because he wasn’t able to let me in."

Listen to "More" below.

"More" is available now on iTunes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Late Night Gems #50

1. Amelia Moore - "Say It"

2. Ana Zimmer - "Sensitive"

3. Anna Baines - "Vanilla Boy"

4. Bloom Twins - "She's Not Me"

5. Brooker - "Reckless"

6. Camp Candle - "Feelin A Way"

7. Dotter - "Cry"

8. Francesca Gonzales - "Baby Give It Up"

9. Iyamah - "Cryptic Love"

10. Lalibelle - "Balance"

11. Rocky - "Single Forever"

12. Rosé - "Sweet Tooth"

13. Saint Clair - "I'm Still Standing"

14. Sonali - "Turn It Around"

15. WAYI - "The Way I Am"

NINA - Sleepwalking

Berlin-born, London-based synth-pop artist NINA has just recently shared her brand new single called "Sleepwalking", which also serves as the first single and title track to be taken from her long-awaited debut album, due for release on March 16th via Aztec Records. Produced in collaboration with Oscillian, Richard X and Sunglasses Kid, the album creates the illusion of timelessness over eleven tracks as it rejuvenates an 80’s synthwave musical aesthetic while simultaneously presenting a modern pop vibe. NINA's lyrical depth paired with instrumentals that are both dynamic and delicate create a quality sonic experience. "Sleepwalking" is a perfect example of what thrills can be expected from the album.

Speaking on the track, NINA says:

"'Sleepwalking' is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, full of arpeggiators and pulsating synth sequences. This track was produced by Oscillian and it's about how we subconsciously become protectors of the ones we love and care about, almost as if we were a hunter in a trance, or sleepwalking. It also talks about how people can dramatically change throughout a relationship. I'm very excited to finally release my debut album, which is entirely for my fans. They’ve been super patient and supportive all these years"

Listen to "Sleepwalking" below.

Autographed CD copies of the album are available for pre-order on NINA's website.

REYNA - Cool With It

We've been longtime fans of Milwaukee-based duo REYNA, comprised of sisters Victoriah (aka, Vic) and Hannah Gabriela (aka, Gab), ever since they released the infectious debut single, "Spill Your Colors", back in early 2016 so we are thrilled to be able to share with you today their brand new single called "Cool With It", an impeccable 3 and a half minute long indie-pop gem that will surely delight your senses.

"'Cool With It' started out as a rough basement demo, we later sent it to Grammy-nominated producer Drew Pierson (Kesha), who helped us refine the song," says Vic says. "We were looking for fresh ears so we hooked up with Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft from Frills to give it a fresh vibe. Lyrically, 'Cool With It' is a sly dig at the dichotomy of the idealized 'cool girl' and how she's an unattainable amalgam of contradiction."

"Guys want that 'cool girl'," laughs Gabby. "One who gets dressed up in a little black dress and heels to sit on the couch and watch football. I’ve caught myself many times trying to fit into the “cool girl” mold. I couldn’t care too much. Whoever showed less emotion had the power in the relationship. I wrote this song with all of this in mind. I just don’t feel the need to pretend any more. I found someone I can be myself with and not be afraid to say, 'I’m cool with forever' and genuinely mean it."

Listen to "Cool With It" below.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vanessa Elisha - Under My Skin

Australian R&B singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha steps back into the spotlight today with the release of her sensual new single called "Under My Skin". Produced in collaboration with LOXE, who's best known for his work with UK artist NAO, "Under My Skin" is seductive R&B-tinged gem with just the right amount of pop sensibility. The beat hits hard, in perfect synergy with Vanessa's provocative performance. "Under My Skin " also serves as the first in a series of new singles that Vanessa plans to release over the next few months.

Listen to "Under My Skin " below.

"Under My Skin " is available now on iTunes.